Pool Session Timetable to add to your calendars ….

Yr 2, 3 and 4 Nipper Pool session start on the 5th November at Truro School :

Yr 2 16h00-16h35
Yr 3 16h35- 17h15
Yr 4 17h15-18h00

Yr 5, 6  Nippers and Juniors pool sessions start at Truro High on the following days :

Tuesday 31st October
Yr5 18h15-19h05
Yr6 19h05-20h00

Thursday 2nd November
Yr7 and Yr8  18h00-19h00

Yr9 and older juniors 19h00-20h00

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  1. Charm Tinn says:

    What gear do the year 5s need to bring on Tuesday 31st please?