Our coaching sessions run throughout the summer from Trevaunance Cove and during the winter in the pool.

To get the most out of the club we strongly recommend that everyone (even grown ups) take the opportunity to join a coached group if possible.

Thinking of Joining?

Please get in touch with the group contact below BEFORE joining to find out if there is space or to join the waiting list. C19 restrictions on group size make this particularly relevant for 2020/1.

  • Reception: new intake opened 1st September 2020.
  • Year 1 – Year 8 groups are currently full but you can join a waiting list.
  • We currently have a few spaces for Year 9+.

Youth coaching groups are allocated by school year. Fees for the 2020/1 are £60 per child; this includes membership and all subs for pool and beach sessions.

Each group must be self sufficient, finding coaches, helpers and qualified lifeguards from within the parents of that group. Adults can join with their child at a special reduced rate of only £25 on the understanding that they make a contribution to the club.

Group Contacts

This is the best person to contact if you have any questions about a group or wish to join.

Year 20/21
Group ContactEmail
ReceptionThis group will start on the beach in June 2022.
Y1This group will start on the beach in June

Group Leaders & Coaches for 2019/20

All our group leaders and coaches are DBS checked. Each session is lead by an SLSGB Qualified Level 2 coach assisted by one or more Level 1 coaches and parent volunteers. Our beach sessions are also supported by a qualified lifeguard. The club will cover the cost of these qualifications for parents who commit to helping out.

Year 19/20
Named Coaches
Y2Damian Prisk
Y3Claire Bettison
Steve Instance
Y4Jo Mooney
Fiona Hayes
Adam Hayes
Paul Mooney
Y5Hayley Gay
Steve Instance
David Friedericksen
Y6Fiona Hayes
Jamie Kent
Adam Hayes
Y7Julie Wheeler
Gavin Forehead
Dan Nicholls
Y8Vicky Vigues-Berry
David Friedericksen
Jamie Kent
Kim Farmer
Y9+Joel Henthorn
Steve Instance
Cath Murden

Expected Standards

We aim to create the most inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone. However, the sea is a potentially dangerous environment and it is important for the safety of all involved that we can rely on participants to be capable of some level of self support.
Our sessions are not a substitute for swimming lessons and we expect and may insist that children (particularly < Y5) attend swimming lessons.

C19 Update: We recognise that participants may have had reduced opportunities to be physically active this year and will aim to create multi-level sessions that everyone can enjoy. If you at all concerned about your child’s ability to meet the standards below, please let your group coach know but please don’t consider this a barrier to participation.

Expected Standard
Reception – Y225m Pool Swim
25m Beach Run
25m Sea Swim (wetsuit)
Y3 – Y4100m Pool Swim
100m Beach Run
100m Sea Swim (wetsuit)
Y5 – Y6200m Pool Swim
200m Beach Run
200m Sea Swim (wetsuit)
Y7+400m Pool Swim
400m Beach Run
400m Sea Swim (wetsuit)

Pool Session Times 2020-2021

Please allow time to be parked, changed, poolside and signed in for your session start. Please note that our nipper sessions “YR-Y6″are not “drop and go”, we welcome car sharing but require a responsible adult at the pool or beach throughout.

C19 requires some changes to our pool coaching.
Find out what we’re doing and what you need do to help keep our sessions safe here:

Date / TimeLocation
Reception – Y1No Pool Sessions
Start on beach June 2021.
Y2Sundays from 18 Apr
Truro School
Y3Sundays from 18 Apr
16:40- 17:15
Truro School
Y4Sundays from 18 Apr
Truro School
Y5Sundays from 18 Apr
Truro School
Y6Tuesdays from 13 Apr
Truro High School
for Girls
Y7Tuesdays from 13 Apr
Truro High School
for Girls
Y8Thursdays from 15 Apr
19:05 – 20:00
Truro High School
for Girls
Y9+Thursdays from 15 Apr
18:00 – 19:00
Truro High School
for Girls
Adults (Age 16+)
Adult Indoor Coaching
Remains Suspended.
Truro High School
for Girls

* PAUSED Adult Indoor Group Coaching remains paused.
To comply with C19 requirements and ensure we do not exceed the capacity of the pool, adult sessions only will require prior booking. Booking will open a week in advance:

Beach Session Times 2021

IMPORTANT: C19 means we should no longer share rash vests. All participants must have a red rash vest to wear over their wetsuit BEFORE your first session. A vest can be collected from the training room at the club or purchased online but please don’t leave it until your first session and assume there will be one there for you…

Please allow time to be parked, changed into your wetsuit and signed in ready for your session start. Parking can be tight at the beach when our sessions are on and never underestimate how long it takes to get a grom into their wetsuit boots – so please allow plenty of time. Please note that our nipper sessions “YR-Y6″are not “drop and go”, a responsible adult must remain at the beach throughout.

Session TimeStarting
15:00 – 16:00
6 June
17:00 – 18:00
6 June
11:00 – 12:00
6 June
16:00 – 17:00
6 June
10:00 – 11:00
6 June
17:30 – 18:30
1 June
18:00 – 19:00
2 June
7 June
19:00 – 20:00
7 June
(Age 16+)
19:00 – 20:00
3 June