Our coached groups run throughout the summer from Trevaunance Cove and during the winter in the pool.

To get the most out of the club, we recommend that everyone (grown ups too) take the opportunity to join a coached group if possible.

Thinking of Joining?

Please get in touch with the group contact below BEFORE joining to find out if there is space or to join the waiting list.

Based on the academic year 2023/24:

Joining reception:
If your Child is starting reception in the academic year 2023/4 you can register your interest in them joining our nipper group that starts on the beach in June 2025.

You won’t need to pay membership subs until 2025, but we ask for registration now so the group has sufficient time to develop sufficient coaches, lifeguards and helpers to be self sufficient.

Registration for this group opens 1st September 2023.
To register, please complete the form: Register Now >

In year 1:
This group is fully subscribed. Please email the relevant Group Contact (listed below) for further information. This group will start on the beach in June 2024. There are no winter pool sessions.

In Year 2 – Year 10: most groups are fully subscribed and some have a waiting list. Please email the relevant Group Contact (listed below) for further information.

In Year 11:
This group have pool sessions 2023/4, but do not have beach sessions.
We hope that participants consider attending club senior sessions / lifeguard training.

Fees for 2023/4 are £110 per child in a coaching group. This includes membership and all subs for pool and beach sessions.

If a group is oversubscribed, places are prioritised based on:
 – Sibling already in club.
 – Prior / promised contribution to the club.
 – Geographic distance from / connection with St Agnes Parish.
 – Date of application (after 1st September).
– Previous session attendance.

Each group needs to be self-sufficient with parents taking the roles of: Secretary, Lead (Sport England L2) Coach, Assistant (Sport England L1) Coaches, Qualified Surf Lifesavers, DBS Checked Regular Helpers. Adults can join with their child at a special reduced rate of only £45 on the understanding that they make a contribution to the club.

The club will fund and help train those who commit to contributing to the club.

Group Contacts

This is the best person to contact if you have any questions about a group or wish to join.

Year 2023/24
Group ContactEmail
Reception 2023/4This group will start on the beach in June 2025.Registration opened 1st Sept 2023
Y1Natasha Burns
This group will start on the beach in June 2024.
[email protected]
Y2Bella Watkins[email protected]
Y3Sarah Stringer[email protected]
Y4Bella Watkins[email protected]
Y5Erika Sorensen[email protected]
Y6Maria[email protected]
Y7Paul Mooney[email protected]
Y8Lara Salter[email protected]
Y9Fiona Hayes[email protected]
Y10Gregg Davies[email protected]
Y11David Friedericksen[email protected]

Group Leaders & Coaches

All our group leaders and coaches are DBS checked. Each session is lead by an SLSGB Qualified Level 2 coach assisted by one or more Level 1 coaches and parent volunteers. Our beach sessions are also supported by a qualified lifeguard. The club will cover the cost of these qualifications for parents who commit to helping out.

Year 23/24
Named Coaches
ReceptionTBC (This group starts on the beach in June 2025)
Y1Alex Burns
Y2John Morton
Y3Rich Draisey
Y4Tom McHugh
Tom Hardy
Y5Damian Prisk
Chris Barnes
Y6Neil Powell
Steve Instance
Y7Jo Mooney
Fiona Hayes
Adam Hayes
Paul Mooney
Y8Hayley Mills
Steve Instance
David Friedericksen
Y9Fiona Hayes
Jamie Kent
Adam Hayes
Y10Gavin Forehead
Y11Jamie Kent
David Friedericksen
Cath Murden

Expected Standards

We aim to create the most inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone. However, the sea is a potentially dangerous environment and it is important for the safety of all involved that we can rely on participants to be capable of some level of self support.
Our sessions are not a substitute for swimming lessons and we expect and may insist that children (particularly < Y5) attend swimming lessons.

Expected Standard
Y1 – Y225m Pool Swim
25m Beach Run
25m Sea Swim (wetsuit)
Y3 – Y4100m Pool Swim
100m Beach Run
100m Sea Swim (wetsuit)
Y5 – Y6200m Pool Swim
200m Beach Run
200m Sea Swim (wetsuit)
Y7+400m Pool Swim
400m Beach Run
400m Sea Swim (wetsuit)

Expected Attendance

Although it’s OK to miss the odd session, regular non attendance can make it difficult for our coaching team to deliver the incremental improvement to skills and fitness that supports your child’s journey through surf lifesaving. If there is a reason for regular non-attendance, please make your group contact aware. In cases of regular, unnotified absence, spaces may be reallocated at the coaches discretion.

Pool Session Times 2023-2024

Everyone should read: Pool Sessions – St Agnes Surf Life Saving Club
Coaches and Helpers should also read: Coaching
Senior sessiosn are offered free to full members but need to be booked in advance: Book Now

Date / TimeLocation
ReceptionNo Pool Sessions
Start on beach June 2025.
Y1No Pool Sessions
Start on beach June 2024.
Y2Sundays from 1 Oct
Truro School
Y3Sundays from 1 Oct
16:10- 16:55
Truro School
Y4Sundays from 1 Oct
Truro School
Y5Sundays from 1 Oct
Truro School
Y6Thursdays from 5 Oct
Truro High School
for Girls
Y7Tuesdays from 3 Oct
Truro High School
for Girls
Y8Thursdays from 5 Oct
19:05 – 20:00
Truro High School
for Girls
Y9Wednesdays from 4 Oct
19:00 – 20:00
Truro High School
for Girls
Y10/11Tuesdays from 3 Oct
19:00 – 20:00
Truro High School
for Girls
Seniors (Age 16+)Tuesdays from 3 Oct
20:10 – 21:00
Truro High School
for Girls

Book Now

Beach Session Times 2024

Beach sessions run from 19 May to the end of September.

Please allow time to be parked, changed into your wetsuit and signed in ready for your session start. Parking can be tight at the beach when our sessions are on and never underestimate how long it takes to get a grom into their wetsuit boots – so please allow plenty of time. Please note that our nipper sessions “Y1-Y6″are not “drop and go”, a responsible adult must remain at the beach throughout.

Session Times Starting
Y1Sundays 15:00 – 16:0019 May
Y2Sundays 14:00 – 15:002 June
Y3Sundays 13:00 – 14:002 June
Y4Sundays 12:00 – 13:002 June
Y5Sundays 17:00 – 18:0019 May
Y6Sundays 11:00-12:0019 May
Y7Sundays 16:00 – 17:002 June
Y8Sundays 10:00 – 11:0019 May
Y9/10Wednesdays 19:00 – 20:0022 May
Youth Competition Squads (Y4-Y10)Tuesdays 18:30 – 19:3021 May
Seniors (Age 16+) Competition SquadsTuesdays 19:30 – 20:3021 May
Seniors (Age 16+) “Drippers”Thursdays 18:30 – 19:3023 May
Seniors (Age 16+) “Slippery Eels”Mondays 19:30 – 20:3031 March
Seniors (Age 16+) “Fitness Sessions”Wednesdays 18:00-19:00
Saturdays 08:00 – 09:00
Year Round
Year Round
Seniors (Age 16+) Lifeguard TrainingMondays 19:00 – 20:0024 June (TBC)
Surf boatsSundays 08:00 – 10:30
Wednesdays 18:30 – 20:30
29 May
22 May
Beach Sessions 2024 – Grid View