Our reception through Year 7 groups are currently full. However, you can join a waiting list but please check with the group contact here BEFORE paying. We currently have a few spaces for Year 8+.

We expect parents of children in coaching sessions to contribute to the club where they can and we run a range of sessions throughout the year for adults, so why not join up too?

The 1st September of the year your child starts Reception is the earliest you can register to join the Nipper waiting list. A dedicated email will be created and made available at 9am 1st of September each year. 

All club memberships run from October to October and each membership price includes £25 payment to SLSGB. All full members are given a tag to wear on their wetsuits to identify them when using club equipment.

If you haven’t yet joined for 2020, please support your club and sign up today! If your signing your kids up but don’t want to join yourself, you still need to register to set up and manage a family account.

Membership Categories

Nippers & Juniors
(Age 5-16)
Use of premises, classes and equipment under supervision of parent and qualified lifeguardNot in coaching group – £60
In coaching group – £100
Senior (16+)Use of premises and equipment under supervision of qualified lifeguard.£60
Family Senior (16+)A special reduced price senior membership when joined at the same time as Nipper / Junior dependents. Expected to make a contribution to the club.£35
ShrimpsFor Y1 Shrimps who’ll be starting their first beach sessions in the summer.£35
Social / SupporterUse of premises ONLY (changing facilities, kitchen and showers) not the use of any boards or to participate in any training sessions or events.£25


Although full membership of the club conveys limited insurance for both surfing and surf-lifesaving activities it is up to you to ensure that these products cover your needs and any activities you undertake outside official training sessions. More information can be found on the SLSGB and SurfingGB websites.

Equipment and premises use

Full members wishing to use the club equipment outside of official events/training should only do so under the supervision of a qualified lifeguard and this is actively enforced for full members under 16. In addition ‘Nipper’ age full members must have dedicated adult supervision, in addition to any lifeguards, to use any of our equipment (a ‘parent somewhere on the beach’ does not count!).

Any members using the premises should familiarise themselves with the location and operation of fire extinguishers, first aid kits, emergency exits and the locations of the nearest available telephones: on club wall facing the road (999 only) and phonebox in small car park.

Use of personal information

Names of all club members are available to club coaches and management through the online portal. For affiliation to SLSGB your details will be forwarded to the relevant organisation. Relevant medical information disclosed on the membership form will be made available to coaches.

Comments and suggestions

Committee meetings are held on the first Sunday of every month, usually at 7.30pm. Members are encouraged to attend but only elected committee members may take part in a vote if one is required.

Contests & training

The club aims to provide financial assistance for those representing the club professionally/competitively or in attaining relevant qualifications that can (and will) be used to benefit other members of the club.


Membership payments are made via a secure payment service called Stripe. This PCI compliant platform will securely store your card details and automatically charge it when your next membership payment is due. You can cancel your renewal or change your details at anytime. Your card details are not stored on the Club Membership platform and neither the club or platform have access to this data.

A hardship policy is available, please contact more details.