Level 1 Assistant Coach Course 14th October

Dear all

As you are all aware every Nipper session is run by parent volunteers and each Nipper group needs to be self sufficient from within the group.

For a session to be run safely and to be SLSGB insured, it needs NARS qualified, Level 2 and Level 1 Qualified parents. The Level 1 is a one day course and is for those that help on a regular basis and gives one the skills to help deliver the session that the level 2 plans. Its is a very enjoyable day at the club and low stress. The club sponsors all the qualification for the helpers.

Level 1 Assistant Coach

We are very luck at present to have so many parent volunteers who have given up their time to do the various qualifications to allow the sessions and club to function. All these parents volunteers and committee members are also full paying members.

So if you are interested in a Level1 coaching please register by:

http://www.slsgb.org.uk/education/courses/ click on link, course number 44471 and the course should come up14th October and follow easy steps.

Jamie Kent will be hosting the entertainment

Andy Carter is the clubs money man and he will sort out reimbursement for the course £80.

The club will then also host a Level 2 course in Jan/Feb 2019

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